Everita's Bookshelf

For no other reason than to offer an insight into where our interests lie and — to some extent — where our skills are strongest, here's what currently resides on Everita's bookshelf.

  • An Introduction to Genetic Algorithms
    Algorithms, Genetic Algorithms
  • An Introduction to Neural Networks
    Algorithms, Neural Networks
  • Beautiful Code
    Algorithms, Programming
  • Beginning OpenGL
    OpenGL, Programming
  • Blender for Dummies
    Blender, 3D
  • Cascading Style Sheets The Definitive Guide
    CSS, Programming
  • Cocoa Design Patterns
    Cocoa, Programming, Mac, Objective-C
  • Code Complete
    Management, Programming
  • Computer Science & Perl Programming
    Algorithms, Perl, Programming
  • Core Java Fundamentals 2
    Java, Programming
  • Core MySQL
  • CVS Pocket Reference
  • Data Abstraction and Program Development Using Pascal
    Algorithms, Data Structures, Pascal
  • Designing with Web Standards
  • Functional Programming Application and Implementation
    Functional Programming, Lisp, Programming
  • GNU Emacs Pocket Reference
  • High Performance MySQL: Optimization, Backups, Replication, and More
  • High Performance Web Sites Essential Knowledge for Front-End Engineers
    LAMP, Performance, XHTML
  • iPhone Open Application Development
    Cocoa, iPhone, Mac, Objective-C, Programming
  • iText in Action
    iText, Java, PDF
  • Joe Celko's Analytics & OLAP in SQL
  • Joe Celko's Trees and Hierarchies in SQL for Smarties
    Algorithms, SQL
  • Kylix Power Solutions
    Kylix, Pascal
  • Learn Object Pascal with Delphi
    Delphi, Pascal, Programming
  • Learning OpenCV
    OpenCV, Programming
  • Linux Socket Programming
    Linux, Networking, Programming
  • Managing Humans Biting and Humerous Tales of a Software Engineering Manager
  • Mastering Algorithms with Perl
    Algorithms, Perl, Programming
  • Mastering Regular Expressions
    Perl, Programming, Regular Expressions
  • ML for the Working Programmer
    Functional Programming, ML, Programming
  • Networking Linux A Practical Guide to TCP/IP
    Linux, Networking, Programming
  • New C Primer Plus
    C, Programming
  • Object Orientated Perl
    OO, Perl, Programming
  • Objective CAML for Scientists
    Functional Programming, OCAML, Programming
  • PDF Hacks 100 Industrial-Strength Tips & Tools
  • Peopleware
  • Perl/TK Pocket Reference
    Perl, TK
  • Pocket Socket Guide C Version
    Linux, Networking, Programming
  • Pragmatic Version Control Using CVS
    CVS, Source Control
  • Programming Erlang Software for a Concurrent World
    Erlang, Programming
  • Programming in Objective-C
    Cocoa, Mac, Objective-C, Programming
  • Programming Perl
    LAMP, Perl, Programming
  • Programming the Perl DBI
    LAMP, Perl, Programming, SQL
  • Programming Web Graphics with Perl & GNU Software
    Graphics, Perl, Programming
  • Purely Functional Structures
    Data Structures, Functional Programming
  • Python Developer's Handbook
    LAMP, Programming, Python
  • Rails: Up and Running
    Ruby, Rails, LAMP
  • Smart & Gets Things Done Joel Spolsky's Concise Guide To Finding The Best Technical Talent
  • SQL The Complete Reference
  • The Functional Approach to Programming (Ocaml)
    Functional Programming, OCAML, Programming
  • The Little Schemer
    Functional Programming, Programming, Scheme
  • The Mythical Man-Month
  • Understanding MySQL Internals
    MySQL, SQL
  • User Interface Design for Programmers
  • Using Drupal
    Drupal, LAMP
  • Visualizing Data
    Java, Processing, Programming
  • Writing Apache Modules with Perl and C
    Apache, C, LAMP, Perl, Programming
  • XLib Programming Manual
    X Windows, Programming, Linux
  • XSLT
    Programming, XML, XSLT

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Richard Ainley
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WorkPlace Systems PLC

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